HB Protective Wear Catalogue 2020

HB PROTECTIVE WEAR EDITORIAL Dear Sir or Madam, Dear business partners and customers, The demands placed on protective clothing have increased significantly in recent years and the expectations of wearers with regard to protective properties and, above all, comfort are correspondingly high. This is why the motto of our catalogue is "High Performance, High Comfort" – the perfect symbiosis of ultimate protection and optimum wearing comfort. With our 2020 complete catalogue, we are rethinking PPE and showing that modern protective clothing can also be intelligently designed and particularly pleasant to wear. Protective clothing has never been so comfortable, individual and personal. At A+A 2019 and in this catalogue, we present products made from flexible and smooth materials that offer a completely new wearing experience thanks to ergonomically optimised cuts. This even applies to traditionally bulky welding protection, which we have reinvented with our HB-4welders ® 2.0 collection. The result: Clothing that reliably protects against welding beads and sparks, even during tough welding work, without making the wearer sweat. Another new product from our innovation workshop is our modular system for metallised heat protection. With the TEMPEX ® TREME-Heat System, users can put together their work equipment indivi­ dually. Two new lightweight fabrics and numerous features significantly increase wearing comfort. This also applies to our organic cotton heat protection shirt. The processed organic cotton is a godsend for your skin and the environment. And, last but not least, we also have female employees in mind: For women who work in refrigerated warehouses and cold storage rooms, we now offer our bestseller TEMPEX ® Classic 2.0 especially for women, with a fitted jacket and matching trousers. That’s why our message in this catalogue is: "We have PPE in our DNA." With this in mind, I wish you exciting insights into our product range and safe working at all times! BE SAFE. WE CARE. Sincerely, Klaus Berthold CEO Owner of HB Protective Wear WE HAVE PPE IN OUR DNA. 03 ©HB PROTECTIVE WEAR